Direct Primary Care

Unlimited monthly visits for one price.

Affordable: Low-Cost Access to Your Pediatrician. Patient-Focused: Cut Out the Middle Man Making Your Healthcare Decisions. Comprehensive: More Time with Your Physician Means Better Care. Continuous: Expect the Same Great Care Throughout Each Visit. Simplified: No Insurance and Medical Lingo and the Boo-Boo’s Get Fixed. Accessible: Great Technology for Easy Access to the Best Care.

Perpetual Health Direct Primary Care or P-Care is a membership-based approach to healthcare, which excludes insurance. This no-nonsense approach cuts out “red tape” and third-party involvement in patients’ and providers’ healthcare decisions.

Healthcare should be affordable and accessible. Our innovative healthcare service is relationship-based primary care with all the bells and whistles of modern medicine.

Feel confident that no payments are made at the clinic and all services are inclusive.

Your P-Care Mainstreeet Pediatrician is more than just someone to call if you get sick or cut your finger. A strong relationship with your P-Care Mainstreet Pediatrician will help keep you well.

What is included

Well-Child Care | Chronic Illness Diagnosis & Management | Newborn Care | Urgent Care & After Hours | Vision and Hearing Tests | Physicals | Telemedicine | So Much More!

P-Care is not health insurance

Perpetual Health Management, the company that offers P-Care, does not have any financial interest in any insurance company, and it does not benefit monetarily (or otherwise) from insurance products purchased by consumers.

Alternative, Affordable Access to Mainstreet Pediatrics – PCare

How Affordable is It?

Payment per Month | Unlimited Visits


One Child


Two Children


Three Children


Four Children

5 or more children – maximum of $225 per month

Alternative, Affordable Access to Mainstreet Pediatrics – PCare

Real Case Scenario

Brady was skateboarding with his friends and he fell. It was after 5pm, and his mother didn’t want to wait long hours at the ER. A short trip to Mainstreet Pediatrics – a few loving kisses from therapy bulldog Dr. O –  the expert care of the Mainstreet staff, and Brady was ready to head home. On the way out, the only payment or paperwork was to remove the paper wrapper from Brady’s lollipop!

Price Comparison

  • Visits within a Month
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • Cash Pay
  • $120
  • $240
  • $360
  • $480
  • Ins. w/ Deduct.
  • $170
  • $340
  • $510
  • $680
  • P-Care $75 monthly

*based on office visits per month for one patient